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In Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH) the link between labour market and Higher Education Institutions (HEI) is
still week. The market has low level of trust in HEI as serious partner in solving technical and technological
or any work-related problems but also cannot see their role in the creation of skill and knowledgeable
graduates, who are fit for employment. The main aim of the project is to improve the competences of
higher education graduates in BIH, through development of generic model of dual education (DUALSCI
model) and legal framework for introduction of dual education in order to support different needs and
interests of students, companies, higher education institutions (HEIs) in different cantons/entities of BIH
and to provide recommendations to HEIs, companies and policy makers for implementation of dual
education in the entire BIH. The model will be implemented, as a pilot test, in four universities in Bosnia
and Herzegovina.
The overall aims of the project are:
• Improvement of the competencies of higher education graduates in cantons and entities of Bosnia and
Herzegovina, according to the needs of employers,
• Increase motivation to study as well as to improve the employability of graduate students,
• Enable students from lower income families to access higher education, and
• Improvement of legal framework and accreditation standards in four cantons and entities of Bosnia and
Herzegovina in order to adapt to dual education with long-term goal to motivate introduction of dual
education in other cantons/entities/districts not involved in the project.

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